Distribution methods
$LAYER will be launched with no pre-mining and eventually fully controlled by the DAO( 80% of the total supply). The remaining 20% will be allocated to eco funds (10%) and core dev team incentives (10%). The full dilution duration will be 4 years with the following details.

DAO Treasures ( distribute by yield farming): 80 MM

  1. 1.
    Day 0 to day 28: 0.2 MM
  2. 2.
    +1 year: 19.8 MM
  3. 3.
    +2 year: 20 MM
  4. 4.
    +3 year: 20 MM
  5. 5.
    +4 year: 20 MM

Team Funds: 10 MM

The team funds will be unlocked via a specific ratio( 12.5%) compared to the DAO Treasures diluted amount (similar to the Sushiswap initial launch).

Eco Funds: 10 MM

The eco funds,which is mainly used to support external cooperation in the ecological construction of the project and other necessary project funding needs. Eco-fund tokens will be linearly unlocked month by month according to the 12-month time cycle.

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